What is a wedding content creator?

A wedding content creator captures all of the candid, raw, imperfectly perfect moments that happen throughout your special day. Think behind-the-scenes, little moments that don't make it into your wedding video, or snippets of excited commentary from your family and friends. It could be seeing how nervous your partner was before your first look, how you practiced your wedding dip 20 minutes before walking down the aisle, or when you're finally getting your Taylor Swift moment on the dance floor because Love Story just came on. (all true stories from my own wedding by the way)

How is a wedding content creator different from a photographer or videographer?

A wedding content creator captures moments on an iPhone - a modern approach to documenting your day and all the little in-between moments that may not be captured by traditional photographers or videographers. While wedding photographers and videographers typically deliver their edited photos and videos in around 2-3 months, content creators deliver all content within 24-72 hours.

Wedding content creators are not a replacement for your photographer and/or videographer; instead, I work alongside them as part of your media team to capture as many little in-between moments as I can.

Why should I hire a wedding content creator?

On my wedding day, I asked members of our wedding party to take photos and videos on their iPhones. As much as we loved the footage we got from them, there were some moments we wished a professional could have captured while they were too occupied (like crying at your vows or getting that extra slice of cake, for example). Your family and friends are there to celebrate you, so they deserve to be present and fully in the moment!

When you hire a wedding content creator, you'll also receive unlimited candid photos and videos the very next day. No chasing your family and friends to send you their photos & videos, and no waiting weeks or months for professional edits.

When will I receive my content?

All raw content will be delivered to you within 24 hours of the end of your event. If your package includes creation of videos (such as, but not limited to, TikToks or Instagram Reels), I will deliver your edited content within 72 hours of the end of the event.

How will I receive my content?

All content will be delivered to you via Dropbox.

What equipment do you use to capture content?

I capture all content using an iPhone 15 Pro on a camera stabilizer (DJI Osmo Mobile 6) to ensure smooth and stable footage of your event. I also carry a portable light for areas with low lighting, 2 portable chargers, and a microfiber cloth to keep the lens clean and clear.

What types of events do you cover?

I specialize in weddings and any wedding-related events such as proposals, engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, tea ceremonies, etc. However, I am open to other types of events - please inquire to see if we're a fit!

Do you travel?

Vivid Moments With San is local to Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas but I would LOVE to travel to capture your day! Mileage fees are required for events 30+ miles round-trip from where I am based in Philadelphia, PA. Additional travel fees required for events 100+ miles round-trip.